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5 reasons why you should hire us as your Husband & Wife photo / video team.

1. simplicity

Planning your Wedding should be as stress-free as possible. Booking a Photographer and Videographer is usually one of the first things couples do when planning their Wedding. So, why not hire your Photographer and Videographer at the same time? Being able to cross these two super important vendors off your list at once will bring you so much peace of mind.

2. Communication

We're sure you've heard a story about the Wedding Photographer and Videographer not getting along. Many times they're getting in each others way and prioritizing their own shots. When that happens, that often leads to missed shots! Hiring a husband and wife team is a plus because great communication is not only key but necessary on your Wedding Day. You know that moment when your partner gives you a look and you know exactly what they're thinking? That's called non-verbal communication and that is something only a husband and wife team can provide!

3. styles

The style and consistency of your photos and video is especially important to us.

Sure, you could find a separate Photographer and Videographer whose styles look similar but when you hire a husband and wife team you can trust our styles compliment each other.

4. connection

We truly believe that you should connect with your Wedding Photographer and Videographer on a friendship level. We are with you all day on your Wedding Day and you should feel like you are surrounded with love and good people.

5. Price

Often, prices are lower when booking Photo and Video together than booking them separately. The booking process is easy and fast! Signing one contract and paying one vendor makes your Wedding Planning a little less stressful. Another benefit is that you only need to be in contact with one of us!


Thanks for checking out our Blog Post! If you're looking for a Wedding Photographer / Videographer Husband and Wife Team feel free to contact us at


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