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10 things brides regret not doing on their Wedding day

1. Spend Some Alone Time With Your New Groom

Unless you do a first look, you will not have any alone time with your groom the entire day. It's okay to step away from your reception and take a few minutes to spend some alone time with your hubby.

2. Take It All In

One of the biggest regrets is not being able to see how the Reception space looked before guests take it over. So much time goes into the design and decor of the Reception and usually that's where the bulk of the budget is spent. Try to find some time alone to go to your Reception area and take it all in!

3. Eat Something

Wedding days can be hectic and brides have A LOT they need to get done. Many times, brides get so wrapped up in everything they forget to eat. I would definitely recommend eating something before the ceremony.

4. Mingle With ALL Guests

Many times Brides look at their Wedding photos and realize they never got around to speaking to a lot of their guests. Find time to speak to all of your guests, even those you don't know very well. Everyone should know how much you appreciate their presence on your Wedding Day.

5. Hire A Videographer

I can't tell you how many times we've heard from couples- "I wish I hired a Videographer." You will for sure miss a lot of fun moments during your Reception because you just can't be everywhere at once. Hire a Videographer so you can see the moments you missed with your guests or to just relive the night again!

6. Pay Beforehand

No one wants to spend time at their Wedding signing checks and making sure all Vendors are paid. Make sure to pay beforehand so you don't waste a minute of your party!

7. Hit The Dance Floor

The Bride and Groom easily get wrapped up in saying hi to everyone and taking pictures, which sometimes causes them to miss their favorite songs on the dance floor. When you hear one of your favorite songs just hit the dance floor, no matter what you're doing!

8. Comfortable Wedding Shoes

Brides are on their feet literally the entire day on their Wedding Day. By reception time, your feet will probably hurt if your wearing uncomfortable shoes. Make sure to pick comfortable Wedding shoes or have a second pair ready for your Reception.

9. not having a day-of coordinator or wedding planner

Brides need to feel stress and worry free on their Big Day. You do not need to be working on your Wedding Day. Having a Wedding Planner or Day-of Coordinator will make sure your special day is running smoothly and following the timeline that's set for the day.

10. Plan a special exit

Brides hate seeing their Wedding Day come to an end. Plan a special exit! Whether it's a Sparkler Exit, Taking off in a luxury car, or a Candlelit dance... definitely end your special day with a BANG!


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