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  • How long have you been a professional wedding photographer?
    We've been Shooting weddings since 2014.
  • What is Katie's wedding photography Style?
    Her photography style She shoots a mix of posed photo's with candid shot to have a balance of timeless classic shot and natural creative shots.
  • What is Jeremy's wedding Videography Style?
    He call's his style a "Music Driven Love Story".
  • Do you bring backup gear?
    Definitely! Rest assured we bring a minimum of 6 cameras, 5 or more lenses, multiple flashes, extra batteries, and 200+ gigs of memory cards to each wedding. If a piece of our equipment goes down during a wedding we will have a replacement on hand.
  • Can I have the unedited RAW files?
    We deliver images in the .jpg format. RAW files are giant computer slaying beasts designed for image manipulation. Raw image files are also not a printable format, meaning your local photo lab, will not be able to make prints for you. Raw files require special computer software like Adobe Lightroom or Capture One to view and process. In the past, I've given RAW files to clients that were also photographers. However, in general, couples tend to hire me because they like my photographic style and the way I process their wedding images.
  • How do I reserve you for my wedding date?
    1) fillout contact form. 2) If the date is available you will recieve a brochure with our pricing options. 3) Pay a 20% Retainer To Hold the Date. 4) Sign a Contract.
  • Can you hold a date for me?
    Our policy is first come first serve. We only hold dates with a signed contract and retainer.
  • I'm cancelling. Can I have my retainer back?
    No. The retainer fee and all monies paid are non-refundable. Your retainer guarantees that we will hold the date exclusively for you and once you’ve signed the contract we do turn down all other commissions for that date.
  • Do you backup my wedding Photo/Video?
    Your wedding images are family treasures and we treat them as such. All images are immediately copied from the memory cards to two separate hard drives after your wedding. One drive is edited, color corrected, and finished. Once completed, the finished images are copied onto the cloud for offsite archiving. We typically keep finished wedding sets of images on our computers for 12 months. We do not guarantee to back up your wedding files indefinitely. That said, we will definitely do our best to keep your images archived for years to come, but we strongly encourage all our clients to make their own backup copies of their images.
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