About ME

Hey there!

I'm Katie Gunz (the red head). I am 29 years old from Los Angeles, CA but was raised in the Antelope Valley. I am currently serving Southern California and beyond.

I have a beautiful family that consists of my fiancé Jeremy who runs his own business as a Screen Printer, our 5 year old son Cameron who thinks he's an adult but just started kindergarten and our baby boy Levi who was recently born Sept 2019 . These guys are my world!! #boymom

I am the lead shooter and well, I like to call my son Cameron my assistant because I have to admit.. he's pretty awesome with the camera. LOL!!

My photography journey began years ago. My dad was a Photographer and he actually bought me my first starter camera in 2013. I always loved taking photos and editing them, finding special moments and capturing them. When my first son was born all I did was use my starter camera on him. I practiced and practiced by myself, learning the ins and outs of the camera on my own for a few years. I eventually checked myself into school to take it further and make it my career. To this day, I am still learning about Photography. You can call me a perfectionist because I am constantly pushing myself to be better.

You'll always see me taking photos either on my camera or my iPhone because I truly believe that when we get old in this lifetime the only things that matter are love and memories. I am here to make sure you have those memories in this lifetime.

Fun Facts About Me::

- I've been learning Photography for 6+ years including art classes.

- Family time is the BEST time. I really enjoy sitting by the fire with my beautiful family or just watching a movie.

- True believer in Romance.

- Coffee Lover.

- French Fries are LIFE!

- I love the Holiday Season!!

- Detail-Oriented.

- Favorite show? Grey's Anatomy.

- I love the Beach and being outdoors!

- I absolutely love to workout!

- A Margarita on the rocks, oh YES!

- I used to play soccer for many, MANY years.

- You wouldn't believe it but I am a die hard Laker Fan! Go Lakers!

- Oh, and dancing? Best believe that's one of my favorite things to do so if you hired me for your wedding you will most likely see me singin' or bobbin' my head to your jams while capturing your special moments! ;)